The Jameson House is a registered 501(c)3

There is simply no greater loss than that of a child.

Jameson StidgerAfter the loss of Rick and Gabby’s six month old son, Jameson, on July 3rd, 2013, the idea for The Jameson House was born. Losing a child is excruciating. It is a pain that never leaves. Although the pain can never be healed, parents who have lost a child need to learn how to carry their pain until they can rejoin day-to-day life under a new normal.  A place to create a new foundation for existence, to seek therapy, counseling, and support, The Jameson House is a half-way house between devastation and normality.

The Jameson House seeks to become a home to which parents undergoing this transition can retreat. Leaving their memory-filled home, parents can find footing without constant reminders of the child lost. Parents find retreat in The Jameson Home’s Bed & Breakfast-style rooms, flower garden, serene paths and ponds infused with wildlife.